trait de côte


Satellite data

•   worldwide

•   from local to national scale

•   daily revisit

•   no field data needed

•   real time monitoring



Field measurements

•   local scale

•   centimetric accuracy


Shores are regularly submitted to the assaults of the ocean and the rise in the level of rivers. In order to predict and limit the risks of erosion and flooding, it is required to have an accurate knowledge of the past evolutions of the coastline. To trace back the past history of the mobility of your shorelines, we can provide you with a customized approach of analysis of coastal hazards to help you prepare the future of your territory.





Position of the coastline


All geomorphological indices extracted from one image: shore line, debris line, dune foot, cliff foot, vegetation limit.









Rapid diagnosis after extreme events


Image acquisition in emergency tasking mode

Instantaneous evaluation of damages and urban areas at risk





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Safeguard of our coastal areas


Interannual monitoring of coastal erosion – risk characterization

Monitoring of the efficiency of safeguard actions in time






trait de côte


The answer to your needs




Characterization of coastal hazards (erosion, dune migration, marine submersion) for coastline monitoring

tempêtes hivernales


Impact assessment of storms and extreme events (erosion rate, dune breaching)

cordons dunaires


Monitoring of conservation actions (revegetalization, …)





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