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From local data to global vision



Research and Development is a strong part of our activities. At the same time as our traditional activities of coastal oceanography, we develop our own geo-information solutions for our customers. These are actors of the public sector (local collectivities, state services, environmental agencies) and industrials in the Water and Energy sector, in France and abroad.

We very recently arrived at a milestone where Europe is getting equipped with its first autonomous spatial infrastructure for Earth Observation, the Sentinel satellites constellation. Our services are positioned on this new segment of observation and environmental surveillance (Copernicus program).


I-Sea is supported by ESA BIC Sud France, CNES, BPI France and the Aquitaine Region.

Located in Aquitaine since its early beginnings, I-Sea is based at Bordeaux Technowest.

Besides, I-Sea is a member of the competitive clusters Aerospace Valley, Mer Atlantique, Méditerranée

We also contribute to the actions of the Institut des Applications Spatiales (InSpace).





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logo_enviroOur philosophy:

Given the nature of our activities, an ecologically responsible approach is fully integrated in our business project.
The reduction of the impacts of our activities is an everyday concern in our company.