algal blooms


Satellite observation

• From oceanic to inland waters through coastal areas

• Daily to weekly survey

• Micro and macro algaes bloom

Algal blooms are observed at a worldwide scale, in coastal and inland waters. As it is often recurrent, this phenomenon has a direct negative impact on human and animal health, as well as on the biodiversity.

In order to anticipate the stranding of macroalgaes and the risk related to microalgaes bloom, we developed a dedicated service coupling near-real time surveillance and drift forecasts for blooms or rafts detected off-shore. In case a risk is detected, an alert is issued and notified directly to your smartphone to allow you taking fast and adequate decisions.






CBAS – Cyanobacteria Bloom Alert Service


Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 data collection

Near-real time production of chlorophyll and phycocyanin maps

Evaluation of the related harmfulness risk

Mobile App for instant notification

In partnership with N7 Mobile







HABRisk – Surveillance and drift forecasts service for algal blooms in the Baltic Sea


Using CMEMS products (water color and sea currents modeling)

Near-real time production of phycocyanin maps and drift forecasts at D+1 to D+3

Evaluation of the risk related to Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Web and mobile App broadcast with instant notification

Link to page dedicated to the demonstration

In partnership with Planetek Italia, Hydro-Cote and N7 Mobile

water quality





Sargassum tracking on the Lesser Antilles

From medium (VIIRS / MODIS / Sentinel-3) to high resolution (Sentinel-2)

Daily monitoring and weekly reports

Alert triggering and stranding forecast at D+1 to D+4

In partnership with Hydro-Cote




HAB Risk






The answer to your needs




Algae monitoring and stranding forecasts

qualité eau baignade


Impacts on bathing water quality



Eutrophication diagnosis



Impacts on fishery and aquaculture industries

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