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Conferences and Events

On May 6th in Warsaw alongside with our partners N7, Planetek Italia and Hydro-cote we will present the HAB Risk platform - a satellite data based solution for the cyanobacteria bloom forecast and monitoring on the Baltic Sea.

We would like to invite everyone interested in this more and more vital topic to attend the conference. A visio conference is organised! Feel free to join us! Please register here

Link to the programm

More info about the HAB Risk platform

Link to the demo












ESA Coastal Erosion at LPS19

Earlier this year, I-Sea as the leader of an european consortium of academics and SMEs has been awarded the Coastal Erosion project of the European Space Agency. Website will be online very soon

If you have planned to attend the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019 in Milano on May 13-17, 2019, come and attend the dedicated Coastal Erosion session on Tuesday 14 May 16:00 in Agora Giardino. There, we'll take the floor to introduce our vision of the project and present the first outcomes on how satellite remote sensing can support local and authorities for coastal erosion monitoring and management.



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